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Skid Steer Brush Mowers and Rotary Brush Cutters Comparison

If you’re looking to buy a skid steer brush mower or rotary brush cutter, the number of models on the market can make it difficult to compare the designs and features that will best suit your needs.  Quick Attach manufactures a full line of brush mower attachments to fit the wide range of brush cutting applications for skid steers and compact track loaders.  All of our mowers are built under the stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality process standards.  This post will help you understand the differences among the attachments in our brush mower category.

BRUSH BUSTER ROTARY BRUSH MOWERRotary Brush MowerThe Brush Buster is our most versatile brush mowing attachment.  It’s perfect for cutting trees up to 3”, brush, weeds and grass.  One of its key features is the Float-n-Tilt design that allows the mower to respond to uneven and rugged ground conditions.  This reduces scalping and provides an even cut wherever you take it.  The adjustable stabilizer bar provides additional control for positioning the mower.  Its unique pressure relief system is used for quick shutdown safety without the need for shear pins.  Another noteworthy feature is the large 5.63” outer diameter roller that provides a constant point of contact with the ground for smoother operation.  The Brush Buster is available in 60” and 72” models.  Choose from available options including a manual bi-directional kit, front shield, push bar, and wheel kit. Visit the Brush Buster Rotary Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

BRUSH BUSTER MAX DUAL ROTARY BRUSH MOWERDual Rotary Brush MowerAs the name suggests, the Brush Buster Max is the big brother to our standard Brush Buster.  We call this a dual rotary brush mower because of its twin spindles, each with two industrial strength blades.  The dual spindle design allows us to achieve the 84” cutting width while maintaining a deck length that can still handle swales and other uneven terrain.  The Float-n-Tilt design takes this feature even further by allowing the mower to respond to the ground conditions.  Like the standard Brush Buster, this unit features the adjustable stabilizer bar and rear roller as well.  If you happen to hit a stump while operating this mower, the HD stump jumper is designed to prevent damage.  The Brush Buster Max is well suited for mowing grass, weeds, brush, and trees up to 3”.  A manual bi-directional kit and front shield come standard on the Brush Buster Max, along with dual edge cutting blades.  An optional wheel kit is available for light duty applications.  Visit the Brush Buster Max Dual Rotary Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

MEGA MOWER HEAVY-DUTY BRUSH MOWERHeavy-Duty Brush MowerThis 72” skid steer brush mower is built extra strong for tackling tougher jobs.  It can cut heavy brush, saplings and trees up to 6” in diameter. This unit features a reinforced open deck for more efficient cutting on those extreme land clearing jobs.  This mower comes standard with our HD stump jumper and HD push bar, and features three blades with dual edges that can be reversed for double the life.  Visit the Mega Mower Heavy-Duty Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

EZ MOW UTILITY BRUSH MOWERUtility Brush MowerLet’s turn now to our utility series of skid steer brush mowers.  The EZ Mow comes in 60” and 72” models that feature a lighter weight rigid deck design.  Their reinforced steel decks are built to clear small trees, brush, weeds, and grass.  This is our lower cost unit that competes with many of the more commonplace brush cutters on the market today.  Visit the EZ Mow Utility Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

EZ MOW HD UTILITY HEAVY-DUTY BRUSH MOWERUtility Heavy-Duty Brush MowerThe other mower in our utility series is the EZ Mow HD.  It’s our utility mower that features a heavier deck.  This unit looks a lot like our Mega Mower, but it features some design differences such as a direct drive motor.  If you are a property owner needing a bit more strength than our EZ Mow, the EZ Mow HD will definitely fit the bill.  Visit the EZ Mow HD Utility Heavy-Duty Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

So there you have it, a quick review of our brush mowers (aka rotary brush cutters) for skid steer and compact track loaders.  We invite you to call our product specialists at any time to assist with your brush mower purchase.  Our factory direct approach provides exceptional value to our customers.  Call us at 866-428-8224 or visit

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