Top 5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Attachments

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. Do your homework.

1) Are you an internet retailer?

Beware of internet only companies. Many establishments make misrepresentations of their businesses by claiming to be a manufacturer direct to the customer, when they are truly distributors, they are the middlemen. They do not have decades of experience building attachments. They may show photos online, but they are not accurate and can be misleading, you may not be getting what you see online. Ask how long the company has been in business and ask if you can come to their location and see their attachments in person. Ask how many people does the company employ? Check with the Better Business Bureau website for a rating of the business, so you can confirm information. Also, check product and business reviews by customers. You are better off doing business with an established retailer who manufactures and sells attachments, rather than an internet company that merely distributes attachments.

At Quick Attach Attachments, we do market online and offer a variety of online services to our customers, but we are the manufacturer, selling factory direct to you!

2) Where are your products manufactured?


Beware of companies that compromise on materials and workmanship. At Quick Attach Attachments, we manufacture our products at our ISO Certified plant right here in the U.S.A.!

3) How do you handle parts, service, and warranty?


Beware of companies that do not have a dedicated parts and service department. Some establishments do not have specialized parts and service technicians. It can be very difficult to get in touch with someone if you have questions about your attachment or issues with the product. It is important for you to have a qualified, dedicated person to service your needs after the attachment purchase. Also, make sure you have a legitimate warranty certificate and find out where your attachment would be fixed and how you will be guaranteed a quality product with no defects.

At Quick Attach Attachments, you can speak directly to our parts and service manager who will answer any of your attachment questions and attend to all of your parts and service needs. We offer over-the-phone diagnostics and troubleshooting and we will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your attachment and its performance. We have a solid warranty certificate and on the rare occasion, should you need assistance, we offer a quick fix and ship turnaround directly at our factory, so you can get your attachment back to work. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified, so you can rest assured knowing that your attachment has been made to the highest of standards and specifications.

4) Who engineers and designs your products and what are your quality standards?


Beware of companies that do not engineer their own products. Some establishments do not have qualified engineering departments which can cause quality issues as well as safety issues. You want to be certain that your attachment is designed and manufactured with the latest technology and safety features. Ask if they are ISO Certified. Do their mechanical/design engineers have college degrees and accreditations? What kind of engineering software do they use? Do they have product manuals? Do they have a quality-control process? Ask to see pictures of their manufacturing facility and engineering departments as well as their offices. A picture is worth a thousand words.

At Quick Attach Attachments, we have a team of qualified, experienced, and degreed mechanical/design engineers bringing quality products to you. We pay the utmost attention to safety and details so you get attachments loaded with features and benefits. We use the most innovative engineering systems and software along with offering detailed product manuals with each of our attachments. We are held to the highest quality-control standards with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and our ISO Certified Processes. We look forward to sending you pictures of our facilities and answering any of your questions.

5) Can you recommend any other attachment companies?

If we can’t earn your direct business, let us help you and recommend other industry leading retailers such as Erskine®, Bobcat®, Caterpillar®, John Deere®, Kubota®, or Case/New Holland®. We want you to be satisfied with your experience and we are here to help.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Quick Attach has received certification as an ISO 9001:2008 company to solidify its commitment towards providing superior quality products. These products are produced within a consistent, repeatable process and common system known as the ISO’s Certified Management System. We are proud to be able to offer you products manufactured under such a stringent and monitored program.  To learn more, watch our plant tour video.

Skid Steer Auxiliary Hydraulics & Couplers

An integral part of the skid steer system is the external hydraulic system. This system is what powers the attachments that require hydraulic flow and can run anything from a snow blade to a brush mower. Hydraulic systems vary greatly depending on machine. Thankfully most machines use a similar set up, so compatibility is usually not a problem. Some of our attachments do require a certain amount of flow to operate.  Our web site has helpful information regarding flow compatibility.

First let’s talk about basic standard flow hydraulics. Varying from 8 to 23 gallons per minute depending on the machine, standard flow hydraulics will run most attachments and are included on virtually every machine made. Most use a flat faced coupler system that fits to our standard factory installed couplers.  If in the rare instance your machine has dimple style Pioneer or flat faced Parker couplers, please contact us for fitment.

High flow hydraulics range from 20 to 45 gallons per minute.  The high flow range is usually an option that can be added at the time of purchase, but it can also be added later in the life of the machine. There are 2 types of high flow hydraulics… single and dual stage. Single stage high flow machines use the same lines and couplers as the standard flow, while dual stage high flow uses completely separate lines and has a different set of couplers for high flow on the outside of the machine. The single stage machine controls high flow with a switch in the cab while dual stage simply works by attaching the appropriate couplers.

Below is an example of a dual stage high flow hydraulic system with the attachment control system. If you have a dual stage system and want to run high flow, please let us know your make of machine to ensure we send you the proper couplers.

Dual stage high flow hydraulic system

Here is a single stage system with high flow and the attachment control system. Notice how it only has one set of couplers.

Single stage system with high flow

The attachment control system is also an option on most machines and allows additional electric over hydraulic functions. Some attachments like the snowblower, for example, require a switch to divert hydraulic flow to additional cylinders for chute rotation and deflection. This is accomplished by using an electrical harness that runs from the attachment to your machine’s attachment control system electrical plug. If your machine is not equipped with the attachment control system, no worries! We offer a universal pistol grip (pictured below) that you simply bring into the cab with you to operate the additional functions.

Pistol grip

The Case drain coupler is used on some, but not all high flow attachments to help lubricate the motor and keep the temperature down. If your machine has high flow but does not have a case drain, not a problem.  We can accommodate you on all of our high flow attachments.

For more fitment information use the “Your Machine” section on our web site to locate your make and model. You may also contact us with any questions.

Skid Steer Quick Attach System Basics

This is a general overview of the Skid Steer style Quick Attach System. For detailed fitment or compatibility questions you may contact us or use the “my machine” section on our web site to search the make and model of your machine.

Prior to 1994, manufacturers of skid steers used a variety of designs for their attachment hookup systems. After 1994 an ASE standard became available and most manufacturers switched to this uniform style that we use today. Below is a top, front, and side view CAD drawing of the Quick Attach plate with included dimensions in inches. This style of plate is what you will hook into on the back of our skid steer attachments.

Quick Attach Plate
Now for what should be on your machine. Below is a picture of a hydraulically locking Quick Attach system on a skid steer. This is for informational purposes only as yours may appear different and may be manual locking. There should be two pins on your machine that lock in a downward position. The two feet on either side hook up into the top lip of the skid steer plate, and the bottom pins lock into place securing the attachment to your machine.

Skid Steer Quick Attach System

Here is an image of a manual locking Quick Attach system on a tractor  that is about ready to hook into a Quick Attach plate on a bucket.

Quick Attach Tractor Converter

The general width of a modern Quick Attach system on the machine measures 44″ from the outside to outside. There should be two levers or a hydraulic system that pushes two pins out of the bottom of the Quick Attach that should measure about 32” on center. If your system appears significantly different from this please contact us. Keep in mind we also offer a wide variety of 3 point attachments for your tractor as well.

Visit to see our complete solutions for skid steer attachments, tractor attachments, mini skid steer attachments, and ATV/UTV attachments.

Land Clearing Attachments Transform Backyard

One of our product specialists recently completed a large land clearing project at his home. With rampant mosquitoes and uneven ground, the family’s heavily wooded backyard was in need of a transformation.  This is what the property looked like at the beginning of the project:

The project began with terrain that was wooded and full of roots.
The project began with terrain that was wooded and full of roots.

Loaded with roots both large and small, the 18,000 sq ft working area required heavy-duty attachments to achieve the dream of a finished backyard. A Bobcat S-205 standard flow skid steer (16 GPM @ 3000 psi) and CAT 277 track loader (22 GPM @ 3000 psi) were used to operate a trio of Quick Attach brand attachments including the Quick Claw Industrial Grapple Rake, Quick Stump-Away Stump Grinder, and Quick Power Scape Soil Conditioner.

Quick Claw Industrial Grapple Rake
Quick Claw Industrial Grapple Rake
Quick Stump-Away Stump Grinder
Quick Stump-Away Stump Grinder
Quick Power Scape Soil Conditioner
Quick Power Scape Soil Conditioner

After completing this project our specialist said “This thing did an amazing job. My wife and kids absolutely love the transformation and the skeeters no longer carry us away!”

With Quick Attach equipment, this backwoods was transformed into a backyard that will provide years of enjoyment. Visit the Quick Attach Attachments web site for more information about our skid steer attachment products.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.58.47 PM

Why Buy Factory Direct from Quick Attach

Quick Attach makes doing business easier and more cost effective. Here are a few of the reasons why it makes good business sense to buy your attachments factory direct from us.



We understand that purchasing quality equipment is an investment in your business. Making a wise buying decision is not always about the price of the product. Our primary objective is to give our customers prompt service and ongoing support while providing quality, reliable, and trouble-free performing products that are affordable and value-oriented. This is our promise and commitment to you.



It has been our experience that producing high performing products just makes good business sense. Our commitment is to provide you with quality products that have outstanding workmanship and are durable, long lasting, maintenance-free, and dependable. By offering and providing you with the best products possible, we can help you make sound investment choices for your business.



Our attachments are universal and designed to fit most of the modern skid steers manufactured today. By purchasing Quick Attach equipment, you will not be bound to any particular skid steer manufacturer. If or when you decide to change brands, you will not suffer from costly trade issues. Our universal attachments are compatible with any brand you choose to use so you can always take our attachments with you.



Our product specialists are here to serve YOU. They are industry experts who will give you prompt service, professional treatment, and the courtesy and respect you deserve. It is our promise that you will be dealing with credible and knowledgeable sales professionals who will help guide you to products that will best suit YOUR needs and budget. By being accountable to this high standard of integrity, our product specialists will enable you to make the right and most cost effective choices for your business – the first time.

Visit to see our complete solutions for skid steer attachments, tractor attachments, mini skid steer attachments, and ATV/UTV attachments.

Skid Steer Brush Mowers and Rotary Brush Cutters Comparison

If you’re looking to buy a skid steer brush mower or rotary brush cutter, the number of models on the market can make it difficult to compare the designs and features that will best suit your needs.  Quick Attach manufactures a full line of brush mower attachments to fit the wide range of brush cutting applications for skid steers and compact track loaders.  All of our mowers are built under the stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality process standards.  This post will help you understand the differences among the attachments in our brush mower category.

BRUSH BUSTER ROTARY BRUSH MOWERRotary Brush MowerThe Brush Buster is our most versatile brush mowing attachment.  It’s perfect for cutting trees up to 3”, brush, weeds and grass.  One of its key features is the Float-n-Tilt design that allows the mower to respond to uneven and rugged ground conditions.  This reduces scalping and provides an even cut wherever you take it.  The adjustable stabilizer bar provides additional control for positioning the mower.  Its unique pressure relief system is used for quick shutdown safety without the need for shear pins.  Another noteworthy feature is the large 5.63” outer diameter roller that provides a constant point of contact with the ground for smoother operation.  The Brush Buster is available in 60” and 72” models.  Choose from available options including a manual bi-directional kit, front shield, push bar, and wheel kit. Visit the Brush Buster Rotary Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

BRUSH BUSTER MAX DUAL ROTARY BRUSH MOWERDual Rotary Brush MowerAs the name suggests, the Brush Buster Max is the big brother to our standard Brush Buster.  We call this a dual rotary brush mower because of its twin spindles, each with two industrial strength blades.  The dual spindle design allows us to achieve the 84” cutting width while maintaining a deck length that can still handle swales and other uneven terrain.  The Float-n-Tilt design takes this feature even further by allowing the mower to respond to the ground conditions.  Like the standard Brush Buster, this unit features the adjustable stabilizer bar and rear roller as well.  If you happen to hit a stump while operating this mower, the HD stump jumper is designed to prevent damage.  The Brush Buster Max is well suited for mowing grass, weeds, brush, and trees up to 3”.  A manual bi-directional kit and front shield come standard on the Brush Buster Max, along with dual edge cutting blades.  An optional wheel kit is available for light duty applications.  Visit the Brush Buster Max Dual Rotary Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

MEGA MOWER HEAVY-DUTY BRUSH MOWERHeavy-Duty Brush MowerThis 72” skid steer brush mower is built extra strong for tackling tougher jobs.  It can cut heavy brush, saplings and trees up to 6” in diameter. This unit features a reinforced open deck for more efficient cutting on those extreme land clearing jobs.  This mower comes standard with our HD stump jumper and HD push bar, and features three blades with dual edges that can be reversed for double the life.  Visit the Mega Mower Heavy-Duty Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

EZ MOW UTILITY BRUSH MOWERUtility Brush MowerLet’s turn now to our utility series of skid steer brush mowers.  The EZ Mow comes in 60” and 72” models that feature a lighter weight rigid deck design.  Their reinforced steel decks are built to clear small trees, brush, weeds, and grass.  This is our lower cost unit that competes with many of the more commonplace brush cutters on the market today.  Visit the EZ Mow Utility Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

EZ MOW HD UTILITY HEAVY-DUTY BRUSH MOWERUtility Heavy-Duty Brush MowerThe other mower in our utility series is the EZ Mow HD.  It’s our utility mower that features a heavier deck.  This unit looks a lot like our Mega Mower, but it features some design differences such as a direct drive motor.  If you are a property owner needing a bit more strength than our EZ Mow, the EZ Mow HD will definitely fit the bill.  Visit the EZ Mow HD Utility Heavy-Duty Brush Mower web page for additional details and specs.

So there you have it, a quick review of our brush mowers (aka rotary brush cutters) for skid steer and compact track loaders.  We invite you to call our product specialists at any time to assist with your brush mower purchase.  Our factory direct approach provides exceptional value to our customers.  Call us at 866-428-8224 or visit